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Acoustic Nation with Dale Turner: The Dazzling, Altered-Tuned Fingerstyle Work of Laurence Juber

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When Paul McCartney came calling in 1978, Laurence Juber scrapped a lucrative career as a London-based studio musician and joined McCartney’s Wings as lead guitarist.

When that band folded in 1981, Juber moved to the U.S., resumed his session career (playing guitar on TV shows like Happy Days and Family Ties and film soundtracks like Splash and Dirty Dancing) and also found success as a film composer (World Gone Wild, Little Sweetheart, A Very Brady Christmas).

From 1990 onward, however, Juber channeled most of his energies into solo acoustic guitar playing, resulting in an incredible string of creative-arrangement albums (LJ Plays the Beatles, Henry Mancini: Pink Guitar) and original compositions, nearly half of which he performs in DADGAD tuning, for which the low E, high E and B strings are tuned down one whole step. Let’s examine some of the ax man’s awe-inspiring “unplugged” output.

In 1990, LJ issued his solo acoustic debut, Solo Flight, which features “In Your Arms,” a composition built around an A minor chord with different harmonic colorations, not unlike FIGURE 1.

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