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Acoustic Nation with Dale Turner: The Simple But Effective Acoustic Inventions of Beck Hansen

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While Beck’s 2014 release, the sublimely organic, orchestral and acoustic Morning Phase, may have caught some fans off guard, the fact remains that acoustic guitar has always been at the core of his musicality.

Beck’s earliest performances in New York City, at age 18, were more akin to folk music than anything else (Beck’s a fan of Pete Seeger, the Weavers, Woody Guthrie and other American folk giants).

And lest we forget, his first radio hit, “Loser,” revolves around a droning acoustic slide riff, while other successes, such as “Tropicalia,” “Lost Cause” and “Girl,” rely heavily on acoustic guitar. Perhaps it was only fitting that Beck marked his 20th anniversary as a successful recording artist in relaxed acoustic fashion with Morning Phase.