Betcha Can't Play This: "Colorful" 16th-Note Run by Francesco Artusato of All Shall Perish



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I couldn't play this in a million years so, obviously, it sounds terrible! :-)



Some of these "Betcha can't play this" videos (like this one) should be called "Why would you want to play this". Don't get me wrong, Francesco is a killer guitarist and I've seen some of his videos that are awesome. I know these videos are all about challenging riffs for the sake of flash, and that's cool. But some of these don't even sound good.


No dude that is cool,to each their actually is a cool has a lot of augmented licks in there.hard to use in a metal/rock context....



The tab is not accurate . And second I'm glad I cant play this . It sounds like shit . Have at me haters .

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