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Betcha Can't Play This with Andy James: Roller Coaster Picking has once again teamed up with guitarist and guitar instructor Andy James to bring you a brand-new edition of Betcha Can't Play This.

In the video, which you can check out below, James combines alternate picking and sweeping to play fluid melodic runs. He plays the lick at normal speed and then slows it down.

Apart from his work with Wearing Scars, James has released four solo albums/EPs—Machine, In the Wake of Chaos, Kaos 7 and Andy James 2011—plus the Psychic Transfusion EP, James' collaboration with Canadian guitarist and producer Alan Sacha Laskow.

James contributes and has started his own guitar instructional website, the Andy James Guitar Academy.

Look for Wearing Scars on tour across the U.K. with Devil You Know, Oni and Brutai, starting January 10.

For more about Wearing Scars, head here. To check out the Andy James Guitar Academy, head here.