Contest: Win a Signed, Special-Edition Copy Opeth's New Album, 'Heritage'



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I have to say my favorite track from the "Heritage" album is "Famine", because it is a piece full of atmospheric changes impregnated with different kinds of intensity levels throughout the whole song, what makes it a sublime musical experience that shocks every single sense with every single note that composes it.
Personally I think that first verse of the song accompanied by the piano as one of the saddest things I ever heard in my life, it just moved me in the depths of my core.


My favorite song off Heritage is "Slither" because it is like nothing I have ever heard from Opeth yet it delivers all that Opeth has to offer!



My favorite song from Heritage has to be "Folklore." It has a very vintage rock, somewhat jazzy feel to it. The vocals are great and the shifting moods add another dimension to the experience.



Folklore, definitely. That intro is fantastic! I love how the song evolves from an incredibly spacey, almost psychedelic track to signature Opeth. :)



Got to go with "Slither" as my favorite track. It's an awesomely done tribute to Rainbow.



I'd have to say my favorite track on 'Heritage' so far is Nepenthe. It's not one of the super proggy songs in terms of structure (which I love either way). It's very relaxing with it's quiet pulsing beat, courtesy of Mr. Axe and the bass and melodies are uplifting too. The funky keyboard/guitar solo section is fantastic where Fredrik Åkesson takes the spotlight with some of the shreddier solos on the album. The second one in particular reminds me of Vai a bit. The song sounds the best in a good set of headphones and great live. Folklore is my second choice. But Nepenthe just has a great calming effect while demanding your focus in a great way. Great job Opeth!



Love the new album. Really hard to choose a favorite track! Have to go with Folklore at the moment- adore the different styles and the exquisite guitar work- amazing!!



I think I need a few more listens. It's just not at all what I was expecting & I feel a little let down right now, but am sure I'll love it soon....hopefully sooner rather than later. Don't you hate it when you're DYING for a CD to be released, then feel this way :(



I listened to the whole album again and Nepenthe is the most creative, expressive, and powerful song on the alhum. This song really shows what Opeth can really do and that they aren't just another metal band. The chord voicings, the Note choices. This album just shows that you don't have to play the same chords you've been playing since high school to be in a metal band.



i like 'the devil's orchard' the most cause it's so fresh and full of energy! a perfect track for a single!



I like Nepenthe the best so far Opeth has such a sensitivity towrds dynamics. Really quiet but it builds and really simple ideas. It sounds like it hangs in the balance the groove is so delicate. I like the fact that there is alot of Strat sounds on the album. Love Opeth!


The Devil's Orchard. It is definitely different and more out there.


Devil's Orchard, because it shows Opeth pushing themselves.



My beloved track is 'i feel the dark' cause it's simply nothing i have ever heard before! I just can feel the dark while listening to this song and yet it's fulfilled with pleasant and warm light, pure magic!
Opeth's newest album is absolutely sic and i want to stay this sic for the whole eternity! It's messing with my head constantly and i'm loving it!



The Devil's Orchard by miles !



My favorite track from Heritage is Folklore. An epic intro and awesome riffs builds up an eerie and beautiful atmosphere.



It's very tuff decision as all the tracks are absolutely fantastic but my fav (for now) is 'folklore'. it starts with this amazing 'telephonelike sound' just to flow smoothly further into the track, seeking clean vocals, gorgeous guitars to explode with some piano and drums right after. And than again we go slowly tracking the sounds of piano to find this catchy drum rythm and those guitars and choir effect few moments later. Amazing how the track is getting richer and richer with every another minute. i just love it beacuse it has everything i could possibly be looking for at the moment.



Definitely the opening riff to slither



I Feel the Dark is a great track; the foreboding middle section, followed by the poppy section provide great atmosphere, which makes it my favorite track. Can't wait to hear it live!



I'd say Haxprocess is my favorite at this point. There is a lot of diversity both lyrically and musically. The rhythm to this one is great.



I'd have to say that the opening piano piece "Heritage" superbly sets the tone for the rest of the album, and the transition from the final notes to the opening riff of "The Devil's Orchard" is just sublimely epic. After that moment, you know you're about to get an experience.
If I can mention bonus tracks, "Face in the Snow" is probably my favorite for its bluesy folk sound. Not to mention Mikael's amazing vocals.



I love the funky riff that comes in about halfway through "Nepenthe" just before the guitar solo, plus "Nepenthe" is also the title of one of my favorite songs by the band Sentenced (R.I.P.)



Since I have to pick one I would go with "The Lines In My Hand", I think this album shows a different/evolved Opeth...there are tracks that to me sound as the magnificent resultant from the harmonization of all those influences that Mikael has had over the years in which you can taste beautiful melodies merged with strong and powerful guitar rhythms such as "I Feel The Dark" or "Häxprocess" which is awesome. But I have to pick "The Lines In My Hand" as my favorite because beyond all that proof about the band's shows the real new Opeth, no other song had made me feel this before, the composition is complex yet simple at the same time, fast yet slow, strong music yet soft vocals by its side, it shows something new and different yet so "Opethish", something really good, sounds like a new era for this guys...just Epic.



Famine is easily my favourite track.
Alex Acuña AND Björn J:son Lindh???
Famine is totally epic!



folklore is my fav



For the moment at least, "The Devil's Orchard" is my favorite track. The guitar tones instantly pulled me in. It's not often that a band labeled as "metal" actually have identifiable tones, other than high gain grind. Upon my first listen, I could easily hear single-coil, stratty tones, and thicker, more rounded humbucking tones. Neck pickups, bridge pickups, and combinations of them all. Pair that with the incredible clarity of the production, awesome songwriting, atmosphere, melody, and it made for the perfect track to release to promote the album. It sounded incredible live too.



The track that resonated with me the most is Famine. The thing that catches me and keeps me listening and re-listening to this song is the atmosphere. The opening flute gave me a jazz feeling which is quickly transformed into a "tribal" like setting with the first hit of a bongo drum setting the stage nicely for the rest of the song. The interaction between instruments is very interesting and gave this song its own identity, it stands on its own and compliments the album. Eventually I was left feeling as if I was just told a story full of tension, somehow continuing even after it was over. The intriguing fact about this song as a whole is that, even with the subject matter its dealing with, it delivers not in an aggressive "metal" way which we are all very familiar, but in a subtle, beautiful way, something we musicians, at times will strive for but don't always achieve. Personally, I believe music should speak to your soul, in some form or another Famine spoke to mine. Excellent work guys, as long as you keep making music I will keep listening.



Nepenthe is my favourite song by far. I think, sonically, this song is the best representation of the album. Not to mention it totally has a King Crimson meets Primus sort if vibe. Lyrically, I can relate to it moreso than any other song. All around a perfect song!



My favorite song is Folklore because it is a truly beutiful song, the best part of it imo is the riff in the beginning.



Haxprocess have excited my mind. This track as well as all "Heritage" represents a very thin watershed in the Opeth's creativity. Guys have left this music as a heritage to descendants for making future world just a little more mysterious.



Haxprocess is the best track. The different dynamics in the music have that classic feel of a band that is mastering their sound. The guitar work and vocal feel are absolutley amazing! The beautiful ending leaves you wanting to listen to the track over and over.



My favorite song on the album is I Feel The Dark. I love the guitar part that opens the track and was hooked as soon as the song started. The vocals, as always, amazing! Excited for the tour.


just to choose one song thats so hard but i gotta make this choice ill chose the line in my hand cause i just like how it goes and it connect teh album in my opinion


Enrico Turci

To Choise one song rather than another one of Heritage it's not so me...but that I say "I Feel The Dark"...'cause it's what I feel on my skin and inside my bones in this moment..especially when I come home from work in the evening...and I find some of my personal demons in front of the door who are waitin' for me...I think I have to solve soon as possibile some outstanding issues of my life!!!...anyway thanx Opeth thanx Mikael for this tenth pearl called Heritage you give us...see you soon at Alcatraz in Milano (Ita) the next 11/24.
ciao Enrico



Folklore I love how it's mixed as far as the balance of sounds. There seems to be a lot more going on after the first listed.





Slither has to be my favorite mainly because of the cool guitar riff. Just an awesome song to listen to.



Devil's Orchard

Michael's vocals are absolutely amazing as always!!



My favorite track is folklore because it sounds like Jethro tull just crashed into a camel filled truck while hitting king crimson who happened to be standing on the Nektar street a couple of blocks away from the roxy music theatre in Kansas city. Absolute beauty



My favorite track off the new album is probably Slither. I know Mikael said it was kind of a joke song meant as a tribute to Ronnie James Dio, but that song is just so "Rainbow-ish" that it's incredibly awesome! :D



My favorite track is "The Devil's Orchard". I love the intro and the main riff. Melodically the song is just beautiful and weird at the same time. It is a very unusual metal song and a breath of fresh air within the genre.



Alright, I know I won't be able to narrow it down to one favourite because I can't really do that with any Opeth album, but i'll do my top 3

1) Famine - I love the doom/flute part, love how dark it is and reminds me of Scott Walker's The Drift
2) I Feel the Dark - awesome new take on the Opeth sound, love the vocal work
3) The Devil's Orchard - who doesn't love this track, one of heaviest sounding tunes on album and original spin on their material

And I have to throw Slither in for RJD , R.I.P!!



i would have to say its the devil's orchard. its the 1st i heard from the new album, and its eerily close to harvest from black water park. amazing band, props to them on their new album.


Slither is my favorite track although Nepenthe and Haxprocess are great also. The hard and classic guitar tone on this song as well as it being dedicated to Ronnie James Dio make it my favorite over the other two tracks.



My favorite track (as of now) is The Devil's Orchard. This song is an awesome representation of what Opeth has become. Despite the fact that Mikael isn't screaming like the most evil person you've ever heard, and the distortion is prog-style instead of metal, the song still has a frantic, desperate, and even heavy feel to it. It also continues to leverage Opeth's long-running tradition of foul vs. fair, with beautiful consonances ("stigmas revealing our vices") contrasting with malevolent dissonances ("god is dead"). Overall an unpredictable progressive journey through Opeth's newer, more evolved thematic elements.



There is no "best." They're all great. The album is the best thing they've done in a while. KILLER album!



Tough question. Favorite song would have to be "Haxprocess." Lyrics are intense. Also sounds of children playing and laughing(not knowing whats going on) and a mother crying in the background(knowing their demise[leading them to woe]. Best part is the classical guitar riffs and then Mikael shouting "Moon is riding high". The whole song is about how life can be unfair which is so true.


Metal Axe

I went and listened to it on Grooveshark because I've never listened to Opeth before. They sound like Deep Purple reborn! :)

My favorite is Devil's Orchard because of all the badass organ and the killer guitar solo.



Slither for sure.
I enjoy most of their work, but my favorites are always their more straight-forward rock songs.



My favorite track is Devil's Orchard because it's the perfect intro for style on the rest of the album.

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