In Deep: Freddie King



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Hideaway is nice but the main thing I remember is seeing Freddie live and just this certain way of articulating notes when soloing, just taking off. Hard to put your finger on it, kind of a staccato attack that was just the Freddie King sound to me. I saw Bugs Henderson once in the early '80s doing the same kind of licks, don't know if he was consciously trying to sound like Freddie or just hit something in a solo. I only saw Freddie once, warming up for and then jamming with Clapton and just blew him off the stage but it was in '74 and Eric hadn't really got his blues chops back together yet, at least to be jamming with Freddie.



I Have to agree with steveinmidtown Great lesson. Give us more please



Great stuff, Andy. Like the references to other guitarists because I went right over to YouTube & listened to "Magic Sam's Boogie"...the guy tears it up! Then checked out "FREDDIE KING Boogie Funk 1973 live!" Wow.

Any chance you could tell us the specs of your guitar & amp?

One note, have the editor correct the spelling of "Kigns" to "Kings".

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