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The Eagles' 20 Greatest Songs

Below, Guitar World rounds up the top 19 Eagles tracks and breaks them down in an effort to provide some insight into what made this legendary guitar ensemble soar to great heights. ... …

Hear Isolated Guitar Tracks from Eagles' "Hotel California"

Here's one that's been making the rounds lately. It's the isolated guitar tracks from the Eagles' "Hotel California."Best of all, it contains the entire song, including guitars and solos.If you want to jump directly to Don Felder and Joe Walsh's legendary solo, head to 4:21.Credit for the guitar majesty of “Hotel California” is often given to Walsh, who toughened up the Eagles’ laid-back... …

Gabriella Quevedo Plays All Parts of The Eagles' "Hotel California" on One Guitar

At, we've gotten used to the sight of talented young women performing impressive six-string feats without even batting an eye.Which is the perfect segue to this late-2014 video of a Swedish-born fingerstyle guitarist named Gabriella Quevedo performing Tomi Paldanius' arrangement of the Eagles' "Hotel California."Something that will start to sink in at around the 3:01 mark is... …