E.C. Listening: Eric Clapton's 50 Greatest Guitar Moments



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The use of the term "Strat into amp. The end." indicates you think that is bad. Some of us love thats sound more than anything!



As far as 'Badge' goes, I had always heard it was named for the chord progression. I never took the time to actually work it out to see if that was true though...



Yikes. Nope, not at all. It's the "Clapton mis-reading the word 'bridge'" story, as mentioned in the article. the song is in A minor.


...Interestingly his contemporaries never had the same limelight, "Clapton is God" remember, that's a hard handle for anyone to bare... but oh how they all chased him like the wolves of hell, maybe not with the intent of capturing what he was seemingly leaving behind but with the inspiration that was driving all our early Hero's to be the best they could be, if you read through the annals of history, for the most part they all were friends...
...along comes the likes of Rory Gallagher, Peter Green, and a young Gary Moore, for all of us who gasped at the fact that Clapton was now singing and playing Reggae and Blues so from the center of where we knew he came from and then here is this group of young guitar slingers just tearing up the sound scape with a fresh and inspiring energy...carrying on the tradition that Clapton started and made all of us to this day appreciate him even more for...and with a great and cheerful yell...Rock on!

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