Prime Cuts: Tony Iommi Recalls the Best and Worst of Black Sabbath, the Heaviest Band South of Heaven



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What happened to 'Sabotage'?
I've never been crazy about the sound of that record but musicially I think it's one of their better songwriting efforts.

Tony's got me confused: I've read him say elsewhere he recorded the first three Sabbath albums with the same white Strat he used with Tull - seen in Rock and Roll Circus.

I've always questioned it because, with few exceptions, I could never detect anything that sounded to my ear remotely like a Strat.

I'll buy what he says here that he used the SG.



Dehumanizer is one of favorite recordings of Dio and Iommi. I will have to dig it out and have another listen.


PureSalem Guitars

The Mob Rules is my favorite all time sabbath album. Tony has always disliked the sound of that record but I think it's the best sounding record they ever made. His playing on this album is Tony at the top of his game. This record covers all the bases ... From hard chargers like the MOB RULES and TURN UP THE NIGHT, the epic masterpiece THE SIGN OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS, and the greatest riff in all of metal history - FALLING OFF THE EDGE OF THE WORLD. There is no greater Sabbath album or metal album in existence that can top THE MOB RULES. THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST is a close second. ....... You know what they say about opinions but I can't help it!!!! I love this record !!!!

PureSalem Guitars



So many great songs with Tony Martin behind the mic. I wish he'd elaborated a bit more on the time when Martin fronted the band.

And, I'm surprised that he even acknowledged "Dehumanizer." I'm a Sabbath guy from waaaaay back and even I didn't like that album...I bought it, but didn't like it.

Interesting he didn't care much for "Never Say Die." That must have been a terribly troubling time for him and the band. Truthfully, it's one of my favorites because it doesn't sound patentedly like Black Sabbath. Still, the genius of classic Sabbath rears it's head in a number of places at just the right times.

I wonder if his views have changed since this was written?



Where is Sabotage? It's only their greatest...


box of dope

awesome sound and great songs, in only 8 hours the mighty sabbath!



Bill Ward was not part of the line-up that recorded Mob Rules. Vinny Appice was behind the drums for that all-time classic.

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