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Interview: Anita Robinson of Viva Voce

If you Google “quirky kick-ass two-piece modern rock band,” you won’t see Viva Voce on the list (Pronounce it VEEvah VOchay). But you should! In fact, that search comes up empty. But that’s only because Viva Voce’s unique blend of singable, irreverent indie retro folk rock just can’t be categorized. ... …

Guitar Girl'd: Top 10 Hot Male Guitar Players

After repeatedly coming across Top 10 lists of “Hot Female Guitar Players,” I thought it only fitting that we turn the tables. You might notice that there are 12 guitarists in this photo gallery, not 10 (I couldn’t help myself!). But I have to say, locating hot male guitarists is kind of a challenge. (No offense, guys! We love you anyway.) ... …

Guitar Girl'd: Meet Katrina Johansson, Melodic Shredder

Katrina Johansson wants you to sing along. Not to the chorus, but to the guitar line. She fills us in, “Melody is just as important as the energy of shredding. I want people to be able to sing some of the guitar melodies and remember them, as well as feel the energy and appreciate the technique of the fast parts.” ... …