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Jazz Guitar Corner: Intro to Spread Triads for Guitar, Part 2

When learning to play guitar, many of us explore open-position triads, and maybe barre chords on the fifth- and sixth-string roots after that. But, while these shapes are essential to get under your fingers, triads can offer myriad different sounds if you take them out of their usual context and begin to expand them beyond the confines of a single octave. ... …

Jazz Guitar Corner: Expand Your Melodic Colors with 9th Arpeggios

When learning how to play jazz guitar, many of us know it is important to use arpeggios to outline chords in our licks, phrases, melody lines and solos. While we know learning arpeggios is important, we often can become bored with our playing if we stick to only using root-position, R-3-5-7 arpeggios to build our licks and melodies. A great way to keep that solid, chord outline in your lines... …