VH1 Save the Music: How to Change Chords Smoothly and Explore the World Beyond the Third Fret



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Mr. G!

It's amazing how time has blown by am in college now and i was looking online on how to spell your name so i could include it in a paper on mentors ive had and i came across this,your the best Music teacher one can ask for.

Although i failed on going back to 83 ill never forget the guidance you Neuman, and mr. sanchez gave me and for that i thank you guys.

You guys are true leaders, mentors, and friends and i thank you for everything.

Rockn' Bulldogs for LIFE!!!

Oh By the way its Elian lol



I agree with what Guitarguy said about overcomplicating things for the sake of prolonging the cashflow... Take any article in GW about "Demystifying Modes". Invariably confusing and serve little purpose except to make the author feel smart or the reader inferior. Just once I would like to read the article that says "Don't let the jazz cats intimidate you... Learn an A minor scale... Now you also know Cmajor, D dorian E phrygian F lydian G mixolydian A aeolean, and b locrian." Then they would place a chart which shows this relationship thru all keys and it's done. Instead you get endless blather about flattened thirds and raised 6ths which means by the end of the article you are convinced that you have to learn 102 different scales when the reality is only a couple.




It is awesome to see a school from my old neighborhood represented in Guitar World. I am 41 and I have been playing guitar since I was ten years old. It is also nice to see someone teaching children music I remember when I was a kid and the guitar teachers would just teach chords but never explain how they were constructed. I bought many books and taught myself music theory. Once I had a better grasp of music theory I then took jazz lessons. I then started teaching guitar myself. I didn't teach to make money since I charged less than most guitar teachers. I taught to share what I learned and didn't string people along to delay the process just to prolong the cash inflow. That was twenty years ago. I miss those old days.

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