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An Introduction to Gypsy Jazz Style Rhythm Guitar —Lesson

We’ve teamed up with Harry Edwards of to bring you a wonderful introduction to playing gypsy jazz style guitar.

Gypsy jazz guitar, otherwise known as “Jazz Manouche guitar,” is a style pioneered through the playing of the late Belgian-born guitarist and gypsy, Jean “Django” Reinhardt.

The playing of Django Reinhardt has inspired an entire sub-genre of jazz, one that is unmistakable in its hard swinging rhythm guitar and passionate lead improvisations.

Today, creator and instructor Harry Edwards guides you through an introduction to playing rhythm guitar in this distinct style.

Click here to watch a introduction video where you can learn more about the site’s offerings. To register as a student and get access to more high quality video gypsy jazz lessons and downloadable PDFs, visit today.

For now, pull up a seat, grab your acoustic, and let Edwards introduce you to the world of gypsy jazz!

The Importance & Role Of The Rhythm Guitar:

Introducing La Pompe - Strumming Hand Motion: