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Exclusive Video: Diamond Youth's “Bonfire” Acoustic

For any working band, getting the offer to tour overseas is huge.

But when money stands in the way of you actually getting there.. well, that sucks.

This is the current situation Diamond Youth are faced with.

But rather than just give up or flat out ask for money from fans, the Baltimore-based band have chosen a different route.

The bands new, digital-only EP, UK OK, is a acoustic collection of three existing Diamond Youth songs and one new.

100% of the sales from the EP will go to cover plane tickets to the UK for the band’s tour in July.

Included in the EP is the track “Bonfire,” which band member Justin Gilman performs for us below. The song features some pretty cool chord voicings, along with Gilman’s pitch-perfect falsetto.

Gilman shares, "Here's a video of our new song "Bonfire." You can find it, along with three old songs, on our new acoustic EP called UK OK. 100% of everything covers plane tickets to the UK for our tour in July. It's only $4 and will only be up for a few days, so grab it while you can!"

Watch his performance right here:

UK OK is available for $4 for a limited time so check it out now. Pick it up here.