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Exclusive Video Premiere: Lily and the Parlor Tricks "Requiem"

I'm thrilled to premiere this exclusive video from Lily and the Parlor Tricks created for Acoustic Nation!

It's their song "Requiem" performed acoustically and fabulously with just a guitar, an Omnichord and RZA's iPhone drum app called iDrum. The result is truly something special.

The song features minimalistic accompaniments that support gorgeous vocals and tight harmonies. Show's how much you can accomplish just sitting on a bed with some very talented friends!

Lily Claire shares some insight, "I wanted to make it clear that "Requiem" is not trying to be an actual requiem. The song references a requiem that will be written in the future; an optimistic send-off to a love gone sour. I had finished writing it two days before we went to Nashville for our first recording session with Emery Dobyns, our producer.

"At that point it was just a skeleton: bass line (on piano), melody, harmony, lyrics. Together in the studio we fleshed it out fully and it became evident that the song was something altogether more potent than I had anticipated, having started it so simply.

"The icing on the cake, as per usual, was Angelo's machine-gun guitar interludes on the second verse and the ethereal, shimmery loops that he created for the pre-choruses and bridge. Angelo rarely plays the same thing twice (which delights all of us and drives Emery crazy) so a few of those moments are genuinely once-in-a-lifetime."

View their live exclusive video here!

Lily & The Parlour Tricks' influences range from The Andrews Sisters and The Everly Brothers to Nine Inch Nails and The White Stripes. They pay respect to the past, indulge in the present, and march steadily into the future with their idiosyncratic brew of siren-song harmonies, thundering bass + drums and wickedly distorted guitar.

This NYC based sextet provided the soundtrack to a new BMW commercial with their single "Belle Gunness."

They are presently working with producer Emery Dobyns on a series of new recordings in Nashville, set for 2014 release.

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