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Greg Holden Performs "Hold On Tight" Live — Exclusive Video

I had the pleasure of catching up with Greg Holden a couple of weeks ago.

Wowza. This talented artist really knows how to write and deliver a tune.

Originally hailing from the UK, Holden now resides in New York City. Perhaps best known for writing the massive hit “Home” — the debut single for American Idol winner Phillip Phillips that sold five million tracks in the U.S. and earned Holden an ASCAP Pop Award — Holden's "struggling artist to in the spotlight" story is something to cheer.

Holden spent a few minutes in our studio singing and talking. Check out this live recording of his first single, “Hold On Tight,” from the newly released Chase the Sun. Chock full of solid, upward facing pop songs, tight production and extremely well-written messaging, this album is in my permanent playlist!

Coming soon, our interview with Holden. Now watch and listen as Holden plays with touring guitarist Alex Foote, and find out more at