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Julian Lage Readies Solo Guitar Debut, ‘World’s Fair’

Guitar virtuoso Julian Lage makes his solo debut with World’s Fair on February 3, 2015.

Co-produced by Matt Munisteri and engineered by Armand Hirsh, World’s Fair was inspired by the orchestral approach to the guitar of the great Andres Segovia and by the music of the early 20th Century, of “jazz before be-bop.”

“I always had a fantasy about doing a solo guitar project,“ says Lage, known for his musical collaborations most recently on Avalon (10/2014) with Punch Brothers’ Chris “Critter” Eldridge and Room (11/2014) with Nels Cline.

He further explains, “When I started recording, I discovered what a rare opportunity this was for me to recalibrate my senses to one instrument and within that recalibration learn to savor the vast world of intimacy and nuance, both qualities so inherent to the guitar.”

World’s Fair is so spontaneous and intimate in feel it’s as if this prodigious guitarist had just arrived in your living room, picked up his vintage Martin, and simply started to play.

Watch Lage perform below with Chris "Critter" Eldridge below. How about that solo at 0:46?!

Says Lage, “Here are twelve songs that represent this opening into my world, a musical and personal aesthetic I haven’t yet had the opportunity to express in full on record. This music, these explorations, this overarching narrative -- taken together, they represent one of my long times dreams, to create music for one guitar, played by one person, for you.”

World’s Fair will be released February 3, 2015 and is available by pre-order on January 6, 2015. News and tour updates available at: