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Katie Buchanan’s ‘Go’ - Review

I recently had the pleasure of previewing singer/songwriter Katie Buchanan’s new EP, Go!.

This electic mix of emotionally energetic songs showcases her lovely, lush and bluesy voice to a T.

The collection opens with “Shake Down,” a rebellious, strum driven song with a solid rhythmic backbone that got my foot tappin’ from the get-go.

Another favorite of mine is the third track, “At Least I.” The well-crafted lyrics filled with cautious optimism are wrapped in a pop-influenced arrangement with a catchy hook. “If I can’t be clever, at least I’ll be bold.” Love that lyric!

Originally from Kansas, Buchanan explores a vein of subtle guitar pop steeped in Americana and heartbreak with Go!. She is a diligent professional, a skilled songwriter, and a direct artist—not to mention an expert guitarist.

Go came from the dramatic end of a childhood friendship. “When we’re young, we have these incredibly formative friendships that shape who we are as people,” Buchanan muses. “But they’re rarely given the weight when they fall apart.” Twenty years is a long time to know someone. Another connection to her home severed, Buchanan channeled her alienation into nuanced, striking songs. Go doesn’t stew in self-doubt, therapy or narcissism — like Buchanan, it just moves on.

Katie Buchanan’s Go! lays her heart bare in a set of tragically optimistic songs about moving on. Her whispery, powerful vocal delivery conjures up an entrancing and magical experience.

Here’s the video for the title track:

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