Ten Talented Acoustic Kid Performers

They’re incredible.

These kids have found a true talent, some of them at a very young age.

Some have been practicing since the age of three. Others found their calling and just naturally had an affinity for the instrument.

Here we take a look at ten talented youngsters who have followed their passions to become top performers while they are still merely children.

Inspiring, to say the least.

Kang Eunju

Now we’re getting into really young territory.

Here’s the tiny Kang Eunju, a kindergartner from North Korea.

The way she handles a guitar is just crazy!

Here she plays a tune from the movie “Boy Commander.” Wow!

Jonny Mizzone

9-year-old banjo player Jonny Mizzone is simply mesmerizing.

Here and his brothers Tommy, 13 on guitar, and Robbie, 12 on fiddle perform "Flint Hill Special" by Earl Scruggs on the Late Show with David Letterman.

This trio make up the amazingly great band, The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys.

This’ll blow your mind:

Sungha Jung

We recently featured the talented Shungha Jung.

Jung started playing at age 9, and as you can see, he’s progressed to prodigy level.

His YouTube covers collectively have hundreds of millions of views.

This prolific guitarist has released his dream of going pro.

This cover of Maroon 5’s “Payphone” has over 19 million views! Check it out.

Gabriella Quevedo

Now 17, the uber-talented Gabriella Quevedo.

Hailing from Sweden, she started playing at the age of 12 and was inspired by Korean guitarist Sungha Jung!

Since that time, she has won several contests, performed at festivals, and even toured in support of the talent Mr. Jung.

Here she shares an instrumental arrangement of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean.”

Sarah Command

15-year-old Sarah Command is one half of the talented Command Sisters.

Hailing from Canada, the duo tours and performs regularly and has won several contests and honors.

The Command Sisters opened for the 2014 She Rocks Awards.

Here Sarah lays down Andy McKee’s “Drifting.” Check it out.

Carson Peters

This 9-year-old fiddle player is in the groove!

Carson Peters from Piney Flatts, Tennessee has enjoyed multiple wins at the East Tennessee Young Bluegrass Musicians contest.

Carson has performed at the Grand Ole Opry, performing with Ricky Skaggs.

He just released his first album in August of 2014.

Check out this feature on him at the local news.

Julio Silpitucla

Here’s young Julio Silpitucla a the young age of 11. Here he plays the theme from “La Cumparsita.”

Julio’s grown up a bit since this video, and he continues to perform.

He truly shows a passion for performing…one that’s sure to last a lifetime! Check him out here:

Michael Rubin and Scott Gates

Ok, who knew there even was such a thing as a Mandolin Symposium.

From a few years ago, here are Michael Rubin (13) and Scott Gates (14).

These boys started playing at around 8 years old, and I hear they also play guitar and fiddle quite nicely as well.

They lay down the battle from “Devil Went Down to Georgia” masterfully.

Ben Lapps

We’ve featured this incredible guitarist before.

15-year-old Ben Lapps knows how to tap it, slap it and lay it down.

Picking up his first guitar at age 12, Ben soon began writing his own music, and recorded his first album, The New Color, at age 14. He was the youngest participant in the 2008 International Fingerstyle Guitar Championships and the 2010 Canadian Guitar Championships.

Here he plays "Squaredance" by Justin King.

Tina S.

Young Tina S. proves that great guitar playing transcends gender.

The lovely Miss S. has gone on to perform on electric as well, and covers many genres.

Here she performs a classical piece with obvious skill.

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