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Video Finds: Fingerstyle Guitarist Kelly Valleau Covers Metallica’s “Fade to Black”

If you’re a Metallica fan, the August 2014 issue of Guitar World is for you!

The issue delves deep inside of the band’s second album – the electrifying Ride The Lightning – with Kirk Hammett as your guide.

As the album’s lone ballad – and Metallica’s very first – “Fade To Black” has become one of the band’s most legendary songs.

Here, check out fingerstyle guitarist Kelly Valleau deliver his own rendition of the track.

Full of classically-inspired flourishes, the composition lends itself perfectly to Valleau’s fluid playing style.

What might be most impressive about this video is Valleau's ability to play Hammett’s solo while picking through the chord changes at the same time.

Watch for yourself!

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