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Video Finds: Nirvana “Something in the Way” Unplugged

With the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death, we thought it only fitting to post a selection from Nirvana’s now-legendary MTV Unplugged concert.

Below, watch the band’s acoustic take on Nevermind's, “Something in the Way.”

The song was originally intended to be a full-band recording, but after initial attempts proved difficult, producer Butch Vig encouraged the band to take a different approach.

After unsuccessful takes, Cobain came to Vig in the control room to show him how the song should sound. Vig was taken back by the solo version, and proceeded to turn off the air conditioner and telephones and set up microphones.

Vig tracked his vocals and guitars right there in the control room, as Cobain gently strummed his 12-string Stella guitar, which was strung with five nylon strings.

While Cobain’s performance set the mood for the song, drummer Dave Grohl and bassist Krist Novoselic had trouble laying down their tracks; apparently Cobain’s Stella had issues staying in tune.

Placed as the final track on the original release of Nevermind, “Something in the Way” gives us a glimpse into the mind of one of rock’s most pained, gifted songwriters.

Below, watch the version of “Something in the Way” filmed for MTV’s Unplugged, which features the original members of Nirvana, plus cellist Lori Goldston and guitarist Pat Smear.

The concert originally aired on December 16, 1993, just months before Cobain’s death.