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Christina Holmes Shares "Give a Little Bit More" — Exclusive Song Premiere

Here’s a feel good, get your butt moving song by Rhode Island artist Christina Holmes called “Give A Little Bit More.”

The song appears on her new mixtape song EP collection called Take a Chance.

It’s got some sweet guitar strumming and the lovely and full vocal stylings of this talent artist.

Holmes shares, “’Give A Little Bit More’ is about learning to think of others instead of just yourself. When I wrote it, I was going through a very difficult time with my health which ended up bringing out the true colors of one of my best friends. I thought of her as someone I could always count on but later realized that she was very selfish and would only do something for me if she was getting something in return. This was not only my way of dealing with all of it but also my way of showing the world how important it is to think of those around you no matter what the situation."

Listen now:

The Take a Chance Mixtape shows off the elegant song craft they’ll discover on her debut album, Peace Love and C. Holmes, melodies full of buoyant emotion, tempered by a realistic approach to life’s difficulties. “Give A Little Bit More,” a lilting, openhearted song, opens quietly with Christina’s sprightly acoustic guitar and effervescent vocals. The funky, gospel-tinged chorus underlines the song’s positive suggestion to “Give a little bit more, take a little bit less.”

“Summer Fun” lives up to its name with a blend of funk and reggae, with subtle Latin accents. It celebrates the power of music and summer sunshine to warm the soul and make the heart sing. “I Will Remember” is a smooth, soulful R&B ballad, while “Ignite My Flame” is a mellow, jazzy plea for peace, love and affection that shows off Christina’s inviting mid range.

The songs on Take a Chance resonate with the peace, love, heartache, faith, confusion, sadness and uncontained happiness that fill Christina’s soul and makes Peace Love and C. Holmes a joy to listen to. “Sometimes negative things happen in life,” she says, “but I’ve learned that the most negative situations can have some of the most positive outcomes. That’s what I want to share with my music. I was born to spread a message of peace and love to help make this world a better place.”

Christina is in the process of putting together a three-piece touring band to support Take a Chance. Meanwhile, she’ll be on the road with her guitar, doing what she does best. “I bought a 1979 VW Bus and I’ll be touring as much as possible. I’m hoping to film something at every stop and get other artists to join in and jam out on the bus!”

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