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Exclusive Song Premiere: Connecting Stars “Stuck”

Here’s the world premiere of “Stuck” from South African folk-pop duo Connecting Stars.

The track kicks off with a catchy glockenspiel melody that's bound to stick in your head all day, while the the acoustic guitar sparkles at the center of the song, carrying the listener through.

While “Stuck” sounds happy, a deeper listen to the lyrics reveals more – “Am I waiting for lightning to strike me again / Am I willing to trade love for the next best thing,” the duo sings.

Either way you look at it, Martin and Cheryl Engel do an excellent job at delivering vocals with upbeat, crisp harmonies.

“We are so excited to be launching our first single in the US,” says the duo. “It’s been quite a journey so far and we cannot wait to share our full length debut album with fans in August!”

Take a listen to the premiere of “Stuck” below:

The upcoming self-titled debut release from Connecting Stars blends heartfelt lyrics with memorable melodies and understated production. The band has a knack for utilizing acoustic guitar and piano to create hauntingly beautiful melodies, while harmonies form the backbone of the of their unique and emotive sound.

Intertwined with strains of glockenspiel, ukulele, harmonica and mandolin, the album’s most remarkable and lyrically motivating songs draw on both painful and joyful life moments, while Martin and Cheryl Engel’s musical skill and intuitive interaction make for an unforgettable presentation.

The twelve bittersweet tracks on Connecting Stars take listeners on a musical and lyrical journey spanning the lofty highs and crushing lows of love found, lost or betrayed, as well as the confusion and helplessness when loved ones pass away or suffer needlessly.

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