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Exclusive Video Premiere: So Brown's "Riversong"

Warning, you might feel a chill!

Here singer/songwriter So Brown invites us into an intimate setting with her video for the track "Riversong."

Shot all in one take during a Day of the Dead dinner, the video for "Riversong" wonderfully enhances the song's haunting and melancholy croon.

"Riversong" has a home on Brown's brand new release, Point Legere which came out on April 22, 2014 – Earth Day and the fourth anniversary of the terrible oil spill that devastated the Alabama shores.

The Bryce Goggin produced album features Norah Jones, Sasha Dobson, Jim Campilongo, Adam Levy, Tony Scherr and more.

Brown elaborates, "The song was inspired by the Day of the Dead from it's inception. It first came to me one night, years ago, after I had cooked succotash and cornbread for my great-grandmother Tata, who passed away long ago. There's an old outdoor stove on Point Legere, and I left the meal for her, and then the song started to come. She is the woman on the porch in that photo."

"Years later in Brooklyn we ended up shooting the video at our Day of the Dead party. My grandmother passed on a few months before and we dedicated the video to her. Ancestors from both sides of my family appear on the altar, along with their favorite foods and flowers; just a little way of saying thank you to them."

View the video here:

Part Gershwin and Muddy Waters, part Johnny Cash and Tom Waits, with some sexy David Bowie androgyny thrown in for good measure, Brown's Point Legere paints an almost Faulknerian portrait of the South, alternately sublime and brutal.

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