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New-and-Improved Hammer Jammer 2015 Available Now; Watch a Demo Video

Some of you gear lovers might remember when we posted a story—or two or three—about a device called the Hammer Jammer.

The Hammer Jammer is unique key-hammering percussive device that fits onto electric or acoustic six-string guitars, producing a different-sounding attack—something in the ballpark of a hammer dulcimer on speed.

Our story and its video went viral, which led Ohio-based Big Walnut Productions, maker of the Hammer Jammer, to believe its product is, to say the least, ready for the guitar market.

Now, after months of redesign and manufacturing tweaks, Big Walnut Productions has announced that the "Hammer Jammer 2015" is shipping around the world. It's also available to purchase direct from

Several players have begun posting their own Hammer Jammer demo videos, and we've included a clip from France's Olivier Kikteff of France (bottom video). Enjoy!