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42 Classic Movie Themes Played As Metal Songs — Video

Who doesn't love a good metal medley?

Hopefully, you do, because we've got a doozy of medley for you.

In this new clip, posted earlier this month by YouTube user Felipe SignaveriS, we're treated to 42 classic movie themes, all played in various styles of metal, including thrash, death, black, groove, modern and beyond.

You'll heavy everything from a distortion-drenched Rocky theme to the Star Wars cantina tune, delivered with a touch of Brian May.

A few words from the video's star: "Guitar setup: EMG SA7 pickups, ENGL e430(modded) preamp, Kartakou BeastBox preamp, Marshall Jmp1 preamp and Kalthallen Cabs. Bass setup: EMG JX and PX pickups, Vintage Darkglass Deluxe preamp."