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Watch Ace Frehley play classic Kiss songs in the Guitar World studio

Back in 2016, we invited the Spaceman himself, Kiss legend Ace Frehley, to Guitar World HQ for an interview. 

At the time, Frehley was promoting his new album of covers, Origins, Vol. 1, a well-received and commercially successful effort that reunited him, on one track, with former bandmate Paul Stanley.

On that note, while he was in our studio, Frehley kindly discussed the origins of some classic Kiss riffs, like Parasite and Cold Gin, with us. Of course, he also turned the volume up and played through the riffs himself - in all their attitude-filled, swaggering glory. 

You can give the video a watch above. 

If that alone doesn't quite quench your 'Kiss members discussing/playing the band's riffs in an intimate setting' thirst, see Paul Stanley riff on some Kiss classics of his own from his home during self-quarantine.