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Anciients Premiere New Song, "Pentacle"

(Image credit: Pentacle)

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Pentacle," a new song by Anciients. The track is from the band's upcoming album, Voice of the Void, which will be released October 14 via Season of Mist.

To put it simply, the song bursts with heavy riffs in every shade and color.

""Pentacle" is essentially a song about religious fanatics and how crazy they can get," says Anciients singer/guitarist Chris Dyck. "The line 'slit-wrist lunatics' is one of my favorites from the new album, as well as 'beast now falls onto the blade.' This is my metaphorical way of saying 'You guys are idiots.'

"As much as I enjoy writing metaphors aimed at personal growth, strength, death, despair, loss and—of course—my personal view on the world, I do try and keep it 'metal.' The lyrics for 'Pentacle' are pretty spacey, dark and occult. Who doesn't like a good doomy metal song about rituals, fire and beasts? Usually the song title comes after the lyrics for us, but for this one I had the title first. It was the first thing I jotted down for this record, just the one word. There's a Darkthrone reference in there too, if you're 'cult' enough to notice.

"Tool's Adam Jones has always been a big influence on me; I seem to write Tool-esque verse riffs. We wanted a slow intro with heavy vocals right out of the gate. It's a fairly straightforward metal song, which is exactly what it was supposed to be, just a headbanger. Our good friend Sebastian from Mitochondrion/Auroch came in and did some heavy vocals for us, doubling my vocal takes on the intro and outro.

"Lastly, [lead guitarist] Kenny [Cook]'s solo fits perfectly, and I love the spacey tone Jesse Gander [Rain City Recorders] and Kenny dialed in for this one."

Anciients features Kenneth Cook (lead guitar, vocals), Chris Dyck (guitar, vocals), Aaron Boon Gustafson (bass, vocals) and Mike Hannay (drums). You can check out the band's live gear setup, plus the track list and album cover art for Voice of the Void below.

For more about the band, follow along on Facebook. To preorder Voice of the Void, head here.

Anciients' live guitar rig:

Chris Dyck: Two Gibson SG's, Soldano Avenger head, Olde Crow 6x12 cab, Boss TU3 tuner, SIT strings (wound G), no effect pedals, etc.

Kenneth Cook: Marshall JVM 410h, Orange Rockerverb 50, Olde crow 4x12 and Marshall 1960 vintage 4x12 cabs, both with Celestion Vintage 30's, Boss TU3, Boss Super Chorus, Boss DD7 Digital Delay, Roland Space Echo, Morley a/b/y switcher, D'Addario or SIT stings, .010 to .052 (lefty)

Voice of the Void Track List:

  • 1. Following the Voice
  • 2. Buried in Sand
  • 3. Worshipper
  • 4. Pentacle
  • 5. Descending
  • 6. Ibex Eye
  • 7. My Home, My Gallows
  • 8. Serpents
  • 9. Incantations
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