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Artist Airbrushes "Skelluitar" Guitar from Start to Finish — Video

In the newly released time-lapse video below, watch artist Jordon Bourgeaut airbrush a guitar from start to finish.

"In this video, I paint a guitar to match my original 'skulleidoscope'-style paint jobs," Bourgeaut writes.

"It follows the whole process from prep work to artwork, to clear and polish, and eventually revealing the final product. This video was actually made over three years ago, [and] we are excited to finally be releasing it now."

The video, which is titled "Skelluitar," was posted in January. It was shot and edited by Cody Southgate of Focus Pictures. The music in the background is "The Peculiar Life and Death of Philip Schneider" by Illuminated Minerva.

For more about Bourgeaut, visit or follow him on YouTube.