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Au Pair's Gary Louris and Django Haskins Perform "One-Armed Candy Bear" — Exclusive Video

Today, presents an exclusive video by Au Pair, a new project featuring Gary Louris of the Jayhawks and Django Haskins of the Old Ceremony.

In the new clip, which you can check out below, the duo is performing the title track from their debut album, One-Armed Candy Bear, which will be released this Friday, November 13, via Sham/Thirty Tigers.

The album is a balance between the two performers' songcraft and cheeky experimentation, including body percussion, feedback loops, avant guitar and Krautrock touches.

"I look like I'm going to be swallowed up by Django's sofa as we strum and sing," says Louris of the video. "It is apparent to me as we sit in his living room the ease and comfort we have as friends and collaborators.

"And then there is the official video for 'In Every Window' (below). What kind of guitars are we playing in that one? Well, they are, um, well, they are made of cardboard. I love the sound of cardboard guitars—the way the thin layers of paper resonate the subtle tones of the drawn-on strings and pickups. I play a '67 Georgia Pacific and Django plays an Eighties Weyerhauser."

"'One-Armed Candy Bear' is based around a swampy riff, but as the song goes on, more dissonant and angular guitar parts come into it," Haskins adds. "It's pretty straightforward lyrically, in that it's all about the same seedy character and his international exploits."

One-Armed Candy Bear is available for pre-order via iTunes.

For more about Au Pair, follow the pair on Facebook.

Photo: Matt Carter

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