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Body Count Prep Crushing New LP, ‘Bloodlust’

On Bloodlust—out Friday, March 31, via Century Media—Body Count deliver a colossus that will send Tipper Gore and the PMRC into flashback-driven seizures.

It’s stark mad and irate, a litany of lyrical missives that paint a four-dimensional picture of police brutality, racism and social inequality.

Tracks like “No Lives Matter,” “Black Hoodie,” and album opener “Civil War”—featuring metal icon Dave Mustaine—pulse with a relevance and slam with a sense of urgency that’s been missing for far too long.

White, black, blue or red, the songs on Bloodlust are color-blind, eviscerating any lines that might separate Ice-T’s “Original Gangster” roots or guitarist Ernie C’s searing metal guitar play. The album contains a who’s who of guests including Megadeth’s legendary Mustaine on “Civil War,” Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe on “Walk with Me,” Sepultura/Soulfly icon Max Cavalera on “All Love Is Lost,” and even a hell-raising cover of Slayer’s “Raining Blood."

Below, watch the video for “No Lives Matter,” and pre-order Bloodlust on iTunes right here.

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