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Brad Paisley Learns His Own Guitar Solo from a Fan's YouTube Video

Earlier this year, someone requested that Brad Paisley play “Little Moments,” a song he wrote and recorded in 2003 and which is no longer a part of his set list. Problem is, Paisley didn’t remember how to play the guitar solo. After all, it’s been 13 years!

Where did he turn for help? To YouTube, of course.

Paisley found a "Little Moments" lesson video by a YouTube user named papastache102. In the brief video below—which Paisley posted to his Facebook page last night—you can watch how it all comes back to him pretty quickly. We've even thrown in the complete lesson video right below that. Enjoy!

For more lesson videos by papastache102, follow him on YouTube.

Someone requested 'Little Moments' tonight, so I had to learn the solo again.

Posted by Brad Paisley on Friday, February 26, 2016