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Brad Paisley Uses Fan's GoPro Camera As Guitar Slide —Video has posted several guitar-centric videos that involve GoPro cameras — light-weight, rugged little cameras that can go pretty much everywhere (like inside James Taylor's guitar, for instance).

So it shouldn't be surprising that in the clip below, guitarist Brad Paisley grabs the GoPro camera out of a fan's hand and uses it as a slide during a guitar solo.

Says Mike Perlof, who posted the clip to his YouTube channel:

"Brad Paisley, Charlie Worsham and Randy Houser are rocking out ... it was the perfect storm because I happened to not have my case on my GoPro, which would have made it nearly impossible to play slide guitar with the camera at that angle Brad got.

"Not to mention passing the camera without skipping a single note and throwing it back to me perfectly. INSANE! It's magical moments like these that make live music."

Enjoy! And no, this is not a GoPro commercial! I've never even seen a GoPro camera up close ...