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The Bumm Guitar Features an On-Board Drum Kit of Sorts — Video

Last month, we couldn't help but notice the appearance of several new YouTube videos about something called the Bumm Guitar.

What is the Bumm Guitar, you ask?

Based on the two videos below, which don't provide a lot of extra information, the Bumm Guitar is a single-cutaway acoustic guitar that's been heavily modified—to the point that it now features an onboard drum kit of sorts.

It seems that while you're strumming or picking out notes, you also can use your thumb to touch one of seven mini-drum pads, each of which makes a unique percussion sound; it ultimately provides something similar to the sound of a full drum kit.

We'll let the videos below do the talking, or the bumming.

For more about the Bumm Guitar—and Pensen Paletti, the guitarist in the videos—follow Paletti on Facebook.