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The Commander-In-Chief and Craig Ogden Premiere New Song, "Let It Go" — Exclusive

Today, presents the worldwide premiere of a new recording and performance video by the Commander-In-Chief, a seven-string guitarist from Norway who now lives in England, and classical guitarist Craig Ogden.

The song, "Let It Go," is a bonus track from 2 Guitars: The Classical Crossover Album, the new album by the duo. It's also the album's only original song.

The Commander-In-Chief wrote it for one of her brothers several years ago when he was going through a tough time. She didn't tell him—or anyone else—about the song until years later because she thought it was too personal to share with anyone.

"Let It Go" is the third 2 Guitars song to be premiered on, and the first that doesn't feature the Commander on guitar. You also can check out "Por una Cabeza" and their version of Caprice No. 24 by Niccolo Paganini.

For more information on the album (and to pre-order the album), visit