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Get an Up Close and Personal Look at Jerry Cantrell's Guitar Rig

In the midst of Alice in Chains' Rainier Fog tour, the band's guitarist, the great Jerry Cantrell, got together with Sweetwater's Nick Bowcott (of Grim Reaper fame) to show off his touring rig.

In the video, Cantrell not only details his guitars, pickups, pedalboard and amplifiers, he often tells viewers how and why he started using them. In one particularly interesting segment, Cantrell details how Dimebag Darrell—who Cantrell met when he was 19—was responsible for his use of Randall amplifiers early on in Alice in Chains' career. You can check the informative video out above.

For Rainier Fog, Cantrell told Guitar World that he “used a lot of the old standard stuff."

"There’s always going to be a ton of G&L and Les Pauls with me, and there’s also a lot of my Dave Friedman ‘Double J’ amp that we put out a few years ago," he continued. "Then we also used all sorts of cool, cleaner amps, like AC30s and Fenders. We even had a cigar box amp that Nick bought at the Pike Place Market [in Seattle]. We used that on about three or four songs with a baritone guitar and it sounded ridiculous.”