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Glenn Proudfoot Shares Transcription of New Song, "Angel"

Early last month, posted the exclusive premiere of "Angel," a new instrumental track by guitarist and frequent Guitar World contributor Glenn Proudfoot.

Today, we have the sequel, if you will! It's the official transcription of the song, courtesy of Proudfoot.

The song is from his new album, Ineffable, which is available for pre-order through and iTunes.

"I always love to write solo pieces for the electric guitar," Proudfoot says about "Angel," which you can check out below. "It has the ability to sound so sweet and angelic but then, with the flick of a switch, can go to the other end of that spectrum and be totally brutal.

"This is why, every day, I can ground myself with this amazing instrument. You really have the world at your fingertips. It allows you to convey every possible feeling you could have.

"This piece is based around the use of harp harmonics. I've always been fascinated with the harp, the long rolling effortless arpeggios and the beautiful way harp players shape chords.

"The sound is created by using the harp harmonics then finger picking and legato to create the free-flowing sound. I also use wide interval chordal shapes more like a pianist to give it that spacious feeling.

"This is a very special piece of music for me. I feel incredibly blessed to be sharing it with you."

You can follow Proudfoot on YouTube or Facebook.

Angel -PDF

Damian Fanelli

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