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Gorguts Premiere "Besieged" from New EP, 'Pleiades' Dust'

(Image credit: Jimmy Hubbard (top), Alyssa Lorenzon (bottom))

Today, Gorguts and have teamed up to present an exclusive excerpt from Gorguts' new EP, Pleiades' Dust.

The EP, which is set to be released May 13, is essentially a single 33-minute track made up of several movements.

Below, you can check out a movement titled "Besieged."

Each Gorguts release is distinctly different from—and builds upon—the preceding Gorguts release, steadily expanding and strengthening the band's vision and musical vocabulary. Pleiades' Dust is arguably their most adventurous step yet, a deft marriage of extreme metal's bombast with the tenants of classical composition. Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments below!

For more about Gorguts and Pleiades' Dust, follow the band on Facebook. To preorder Pleiades' Dust, head here.

Top photo: Jimmy Hubbard. Bottom photo: Alyssa Lorenzon.