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Gretchen Menn Releases New Video for "Shadows"

Gretchen Menn has released a brand new video of the first track of her latest album, Abandon All Hope.

The video for the track, "Shadows," includes images by Max Crace, libretto by Michael Molenda, and features the musical brilliance of Thomas Perry on drums, Daniele Gottardo on bass, Kirsten Menn on keys and vocal, and Glauco Bertagnin on violin.

Menn, a member of the all-female tribute band Zepparella, released Abandon All Hope as a conceptual work, and an eclectic study of guitar, art and literature.

The instrumental album, which puts elements of classical and romantic composition through a prog- and blues-rock blender, was co-produced by Daniele Gottardo (Steve Vai's favorite new guitarist) and—most interesting of all—based on Dante Alighieri's epic 14th-century poem, Inferno.

Find out more at gretchenmenn.comWatch the video here: