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Guitar Players Who Suck

We all know this guy. He’s the one who always has a snarky criticism of your tone, a negative opinion of the guitar player on stage at the local club and a spiteful comment about guitar masters like Steve Vai.

When it comes down to it, this type of person just plain sucks at guitar, yet they’re blind to it. In the video below, we were able to sit down with one such guitar player named Blayze.

Our goal was to attempt to understand the motivation fueling the hatred that runs through Blayze’s veins, all the while trying to help him realize his delusion and perhaps become free of it. Unfortunately, as you’ll see, we weren’t very successful.

The classic characteristics were all far too ingrained in Blayze, as he went on about how he practices seven hours a day, yet he couldn’t quite get warmed up for our session due to either the dull pick we provided or the wide neck of a “crappy” PRS guitar.

Blayze would go on to cut down the local music scene in his city, but when asked why he doesn’t simply start his own band to remedy the apparent issue, he responded shortly with, “Because everyone around here sucks.”

Other highlights from our interview with Blayze were when he claimed Vai had no feel and left asinine comments on another guitar player’s YouTube video. Did we mention he was wearing sunglasses during this whole indoor interview? There are about four people on the planet who are allowed to do that, and Blayze is not one of them.

The worst thing about Blayze might have been the final remark he made, but it’s too appalling to put down in text. You’ll have to watch the interview for yourself.

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