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Hear Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck Sing on Their Debut Solo Singles

(Image credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

In early 1965, when Jimmy Page was an in-demand London session guitarist, he—thanks to the encouragement of pop singer/songwriter Jackie DeShannon—decided to branch out a bit.

He—for the first time—released a single under his own name. Although the B-side, an instrumental called “Keep Moving,” was pretty much standard fare for Page, the A-side, “She Just Satisfies,” which was written by Page and Barry Mason, was something different; it featured Page on lead vocals. And it's actually not bad.

You can hear the song, which has a definite Yardbirds feel to it (Page joined the Yardbirds the following year), below.

Speaking of the Yardbirds, we've also included Jeff Beck's first post-Yardbirds solo single, "Hi Ho Silver Lining," which was released in 1967. It happens to feature Beck on vocals, a true rarity. And, like Page's debut solo single, it features an instrumental on the B-side, "Beck's Bolero," which was co-written by Page (and features Page on guitar).

OK, we realize this is starting to get confusing.

Anyway, “She Just Satisfies” and “Keep Moving” was released by Fontana Records in February 1965. Enjoy!