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Jimi Hendrix Playing Secrets: New Guitar World DVD on Sale Now — Video

With 60 minutes of instruction, Jimi Hendrix Playing Secrets will help you learn all of Jimi Hendrix's essential rhythm and lead guitar techniques.

This DVD includes his go-to soloing patterns, extended pentatonic and blues-scale positions, signature phrasing and articulations, string bending, vibrato and whammy bar usage, strummed octaves, thumb fretting and chord embellishments, plus essential gear and how to recreate Jimi's tone!


  • Essential Scales and Licks - E Minor Pentatonic and E Blues
  • Moving Through E Minor Pentatonic and E Blues-scale Positions
  • Rhythmic Syncopations and Permutations
  • Organ-style pedal-point licks
  • Strummed Octaves and Playing Up and Down the Neck
  • Two-note Harmonies and Whammy Bar Usage
  • ...and much, much more! Get the essentials of Hendrix today!

Your instructor: Longtime Guitar World Associate Editor Andy Aledort presents and demonstrates the type of guitar and amplifier Jimi used, as well as an array of effects pedals that are very similar to those the legendary guitarist employed to create his signature tones and wailing, psychedelic leads.

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