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John Browne's Flux Conduct Premiere New Song, "Melancholia"

Below, check out "Melancholia," the new song and music video by John Browne's Flux Conduct. The track, which is from Flux Conduct's upcoming album, Yetzer Hara: The Second Concept Album, features Renny Carroll and Guitar World columnist Mike Dawes.

"'Melancholia' represents sloth," Browne says. "[It's] a hard sin to pinpoint as it's had numerous meanings and interpretations over time.

"Our interpretation of this is someone who has lost his/her belief in God, never had it to begin with or has laziness toward worship... but feel free to draw your own conclusions.

"Many of us have lost our faith in God," he continues. "All the atrocities happening around the world and God isn't anywhere to be seen or heard. God sees it all happening and hears our 'prayers' but doesn't seem to answer us. Confusingly, even those of us without faith still send our prayers after horrific events to the human race... What does that actually mean?"

You can preorder Yetzer Hara: The Second Concept Album right here.

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