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Kirk Hammett Reacts to 11 Bizarre Metallica Covers

Very recently, Metallica's Kirk Hammett made a guest appearance on Mexican YouTube channel Luisito Rey. His mission? To view and rate several off-beat Metallica covers that have been making the rounds on YouTube the past few years.

Hammett starts off by watching Rob Scallon's incredibly popular banjo cover of "Master of Puppets."

"It's amazing they would take the time to learn the song—they probably had to learn the guitar—and then they'd have to take that banjo and transcribe it for banjo," Hammett says. "I have to give them credit, because they put a lot of work and effort into it. And the playing is right, so i just have to give it a 5 [outta 5]."

Hammett then goes on to watch a Beatallica clip, a "Metallica for Babies" clip (it turns out he bought this album), a few Latin covers and more.

In general, he was gracious and handed out a lot of 5's, but some artists didn't fare so well. Be sure to check out the clip below.