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Light the Torch Premiere "Calm Before the Storm" Playthrough Video

Last week, Light the Torch—formerly Devil You Know—released their debut album under their new name, Revival, on Nuclear Blast. Today, presents the exclusive premiere of the playthrough video for one of the album's standout tracks, the anthemic "Calm Before the Storm."

The video features the band's guitarist and bassist—Francesco Artusato and Ryan Wombacher—running through the track in its entirety. You can watch the video above, via our Facebook page.

"This is probably one of the simplest songs I have ever written in terms of riffs, but it's also one the songs that everyone liked a lot right away when I brought it to the studio," Artusato told Guitar World. "In a song like this, it's all about the energy.”

"I wanted to keep the riffs very simple and focus mostly on arrangement variations and good grooves," he continued. "More and more I am fascinated by the songwriting aspect and the artistry of putting together a solid album."

You can pick up a copy of Revival for yourself right here.

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