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Listen: LeAnn Rimes with Jeff Beck —"Gasoline and Matches"

Although the video below was posted back in April, and the song itself was officially released June 4, we never really got around to sharing or discussing Jeff Beck's recent appearance on the new LeAnn Rimes album.

But it's time to change all that!

Check out Rimes' new cover of Julie Miller's "Gasoline and Matches" below. As we've mentioned, the song features Beck on guitar, plus Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas on vocals.

Although we really don't need to tell you this (It'll be obvious when you hear it), Beck's exciting-as-always solo starts at 1:28 and ends with a cool descending run just before the 2:00 mark. Beck returns in full force around 3:05 and plays — liberally — throughout the outro.

Rimes' new album, Spitfire, also features appearances by Alison Krauss and Dan Tyminski.