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Malina Moye Premieres New Song, "Betta Than You"

Malina Moye's new album, 'Bad As I Wanna Be,' will be released March 23 via WCE Records.

Malina Moye's new album, 'Bad As I Wanna Be,' will be released March 23 via WCE Records. (Image credit: Isaiah Mays)

Today, Guitar World has teamed up with guitarist Malina Moye to premiere her latest single, "Betta Than You." The catchy, pulsating, riff-filled pop-rock anthem is from her new album, Bad As I Wanna Be, which will be released March 23 via WCE Records. Moye also has unveiled the album's striking cover art, which you can see at the bottom of this story.

"The record's sound is a reflection of my DNA growing up in Ohio and Minnesota," says Moye, who has been covered by Guitar World (in print and online) several times over the past five years. "Being influenced by the Minneapolis sound, I can't help but blend funk, rock and soul. I'd like to think I'm concocting my own musical identity within today's music landscape and have always looked at myself as the next generation of that sound with the goal of evolving and creating something contemporary."

Moye has indeed carved out her own lane among the new breed of rock artists; besides enjoying repeated Billboard chart success, she's been featured on Experience Hendrix tours and took part in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's recent Chuck Berry tribute concert.

As for the guitar in the photo at the top of this story, it's an American-made left-handed Fender Stratocaster that's been restrung in reverse (with the nut to match). It sports DiMarzio True Velvet and DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Blues pickups, not to mention 3,000-plus Swarovski crystals. The distinctive ax was designed by Glam Guitars' Bill Valaika.

Bad As I Wanna Be, which was produced by Bjorn "Polarbear" Soderberg (Korn, Kendrick Lamar), showcases Moye's vocal prowess, songwriting and—of course—guitar playing. But mostly, the album is a celebration of self.

"This record is for you," says the celebrated lefty. "If you feel under appreciated, overlooked or like you just don't matter, then celebrate yourself—be your own super hero. This album was a personal letter from me to whoever will listen. It's about redefining the status quo and being unapologetically you."

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