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'Mastering Arpeggios' Triple Pack DVD: Six Hours of Instruction — Video

Save more than 33 percent by buying the Mastering Arpeggios Triple Pack.

You'll get all threeMastering Arpeggios DVDs for a total of six hours of instruction! This triple pack makes up the ultimate DVD guide for anyone wanting to get a deluxe course in guitar theory!

Mastering Arpeggios:

  • Major, Minor, Diminished and Augmented Triad Arpeggios
  • Arpeggio-Scale Theory
  • Two- and Three- Octave Monster Shapes
  • Sweeps and Taps
  • String Skipping
  • Classical-Style Shred Licks
  • Bonus Section on How to Play Like Paganini!

Mastering Arpeggios 2:

•Major-seven, Dominant-seven, Minor-seven, Minor-seven Flat-five, and Diminished-seven forms
•Two- and Three-octave Monster Shapes
•Four- and Five-note "Shred Cells"
•Interval Patterns
•Melodic Sequences for All Styles of Music
•Bonus Section on How to Play Like Bach!

Mastering Arpeggios 3:

•Minor Major-seven
•Major- and Dominant-seven Flat-five and Sharp-five
•Dominant-seven Sus4
•Two- and Three-octave Monster Shapes
•Alternate Picking "Shred Cells"
•Interval Patterns
•Bonus Section on Pick-Style Classical Performance!

This Triple Pack is available now at the Guitar World Online Store!

Your Instructor is Jimmy Brown, who over the last 25 years has built a reputation as one of the world's finest music editors through his work as transcriber, arranger and senior music editor for Guitar World. Jimmy earned a bachelor of music degree in Jazz studies and performance and music management from William Paterson University in 1988 and relies on much of what he learned then—and since then, as a professional musician-for-hire to do his job effectively. He is also an experienced private guitar teacher and an accomplished writer, two skills that go hand-in-hand in his career at GW.

Note: These products includes a PDF booklet on each DVD and can be retrieved by opening the DVD on your computer.