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Meet ACPAD, the First Wireless MIDI Controller for Acoustic Guitar — Video

Below, behold a video—published to YouTube June 3—that shows the ACPAD in action.

The ACPAD is being billed as the world's first MIDI controller for acoustic guitars.

And while we don't yet know a whole heck of a lot about this device, we know it's coming to Kickstarter soon.

Here are some of its finer points, as finely pointed out by the makers of ACPAD:

  • It supports both Wireless MIDI and USB MIDI connections.
  • It is velocity sensitive with accurate triggering and no noticeable latency.
  • With its own internal rechargeable battery, ACPAD gives you complete freedom. For long studio sessions, it runs perfectly using USB.
  • With presets of two live loopers, effects and sounds using Ableton Live, you get unlimited sound effects.
  • Choose from wood grain, black and white designs. Customizable versions coming soon.

For further reading, here's a bit of background from the official ACPAD website:

ACPAD was born out of necessity. A need for flexibility, live stability and creative freedom. Berlin musician Robin Sukroso needed a piece of equipment that would allow him to bring his love of electronic and acoustic music together; that could withstand playing every night, that was easy and intuitive to play, and that could let him explore an entirely new world of sound.

The ACPAD began as an idea and a desire. After three years of research, development and a lot of trials, the ACPAD is finally ready for the world. Sukroso, along with his partners at IIT Bombay, created a new 2-mm thick interface having no wires or screws, a stick-on wireless MIDI controller that is powered by a rechargeable battery. ACPAD is a device with true portability and tonal versatility.

The ACPAD allows players to blend both acoustic and electronic sounds with FX and assignable tap pads. Create whatever sound you want with ACPAD. It is strong, flexible and offers a new world of creativity you have been looking for. ACPAD is an electronic orchestra in your hands!

For more information, visit and watch the video below. Stay tuned for more details as we get them!

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Damian Fanelli

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