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Metallica's Playful Video Response to Glastonbury Protestors —'Glastallica'

As widely reported, especially in Europe, some people weren't all that happy that Metallica were invited to perform at this year's Glastonbury Fest in the U.K.

The criticism included witty statements in press, including:

"Metallica aren't in the spirit of peace-loving Glastonbury" and "[Metallica can be] a bit abrasive."

And then there were the protests concerning James Hetfield narrating a documentary about bear hunting. There even was a well-publicized Facebook campaign that called for a boycott of the show.

Anyway, Metallica had the last laugh at the massive music festival, kicking off their action-packed set with the clever "Glastallica" video below. The 10-minute clip (which features "Fox on the Run" by Sweet) shows a traditional British fox hunt and a group of bears that emerge from bushes to shoot the horse-riding hunters.

Off come the bears' heads to reveal the members of Metallica smiling underneath!

Check it out — and tell us what you think!

BY THE WAY ... You can watch the band's complete Glastonbury 2014 set right here.